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The Zealous Personal Injury Legal Representation You Deserve

Maximize Your Chances To Receive The Compensation You Need

Since its founding, Stapp Law, LLC, has been a leader in resolving personal injury matters in greater Williamsport and throughout central Pennsylvania. Over the past 20 years, I have successfully represented thousands of injury cases and recovered millions of dollars in compensation for my clients.

I am attorney Gregory Stapp. When you hire Stapp Law, LLC, to represent you, I will personally handle your case. As your legal ally, I will communicate with you openly and often. You will always know the status of your claim and the next steps in our legal strategy as we fight for your rightful compensation.

I take pride in the favorable results I consistently obtain. I will take care of the legal and financial issues you face so you can concentrate on recovering your health and returning your life to normal.

Strong Representation For All Injured Individuals

I am qualified to pursue claims related to a range of negligence claims, including:

Any serious injury such as one caused by such accidents could keep you out of work for a long period of time while you seek medical treatment. That can leave you and your family facing expensive medical bills without a regular income to pay them. However, you should not have to pay a cent for your losses if they were the result of another’s negligence. I work hard to maximize your compensation, to relieve your physical, emotional and financial stress after a personal injury.

Legal Counsel And Your Recovery: Cooperate With A Thorough Investigation.

With a lawyer on your side, an investigation can get underway that may uncover critical information leading to a successful claim. Your personal injury attorney will likely look into:

The circumstances of the accident: Were you driving when another vehicle struck yours or were you a passenger? Was traffic or weather a factor? Did someone in your car distract you? Do cellphone records demonstrate that the driver of the other car or truck was texting at the time? Did other factors besides driving issues have an impact, like signage displays or seat belt functions? Answers to these questions may determine who is liable to pay for your injuries.

Your medical providers’ advice: Your caregivers, such as an emergency room doctor, an orthopedist, a plastic surgeon and/or other physicians, will most likely determine your condition through various methods, including medical imaging procedures and clinical evaluations. They may recommend surgery, therapy, medication and/or rest. They will likely ask you to return periodically for further evaluations and updates. Along the way, it is important to know what they recommend and to document your compliance with their suggestions that may aid your recovery.

Rehabilitation: Naturally, you hope to return to a normal lifestyle as soon as possible. In fact, you may not be able to walk unaided, drive, go up and down stairs, manage a full-time workload, or carry out your other usual daily activities. You may require medical equipment and supplies, a modified van, and/or modifications to your home. Your attorney may consult with a life care planner to determine likely costs of what you will need. This will assist with the creation of a claim for the compensation you need.

Your healing progress: Sometimes time is the best indicator of how you will likely improve after a serious injury. For example, if you suffered a brain or spine injury, you may need extensive rest and healing time before your doctors are able to predict your ultimate outcome. Will headaches go away as your brain swelling goes down or will you end up with chronic pain? Will your mobility come back completely, or will you live with long-term or permanent disabilities? Vigilant medical experts and legal counsel go hand in hand. You will likely need both, along with your own determination, to help ensure the best outcome attainable.

Your losses altogether: You may have lost income. Your family may need to pay other people to do household duties that you used to take care of. Your parent-child relationships may suffer because you can no longer care for your young children or your aging parents as you used to. An experienced personal injury lawyer can compile these facts and translate them into a persuasive case on your behalf.

Sources of compensation: Discovering all sources of compensation is a job for a personal injury attorney. Why? For one thing, you cannot count on any insurance company to volunteer information. You may not be able to find out on your own what your insurer and/or the insurer of a negligent party is responsible for. You may not know which insurance policies may provide resources to pay for your therapy and lost wage replacement. A lawyer who works with insurance and insurers regularly can provide invaluable help.

My Firm Puts Your Needs First. Contact A Compassionate And Accessible Lawyer Today.

I understand that you may have concerns about what the legal process of recovery after an accident entails. Meet with me for a no-pressure, no-obligation consultation at my Williamsport office. For your convenience, you can reach me online or over the phone at 570-980-1865 to schedule a meeting.