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Representing Victims Of Tractor-Trailer Accidents

When passenger vehicles and tractor-trailers collide, it’s the smaller vehicle that takes the brunt of the impact. This accident can take only an instant to unfold. However, a victim’s recovery can span months or years.

If you have been involved in an accident with a semi or 18-wheeler, your struggles may mount when you seek compensation from the at-fault parties. Commercial drivers, their employers and the insurance companies that provide coverage use a variety of strategies to avoid accepting financial responsibility.

They retain attorneys to protect their interests. So should you. I have been fighting for accident victims throughout Williamsport and central Pennsylvania for over two decades. I am a qualified trial lawyer and negotiator, and I believe that you should not pay for your losses caused by another’s negligence toward the rules of the road.

FMCSA Guidelines For Commercial Drivers To Help Prevent Truck Accidents

I have extensive experience proving violations of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations. This agency created guidelines that commercial trucking companies and the drivers they employ must follow to keep our roadways safe. If the truck driver or trucking company failed to follow the rules, you may be entitled to compensation.

Due to the sheer size and potential for danger that large commercial trucks pose to other motorists, the FMCSA has established guidelines that truckers must follow to minimize and help prevent devastating accidents on the highways, including:

  • Maximum weight limits
  • Proper driver training and instruction
  • Maximum time on the road before resting
  • Zero tolerance for drug or alcohol use
  • High safety and vehicle maintenance standards

If the truck driver or trucking company failed to follow the rules, you may be entitled to compensation. My Williamsport office staff and I will diligently investigate all aspects of your case to determine the facts and ensure that you receive the maximum financial compensation for your injuries. We also represent families in cases of fatal truck accidents.

Let Me Help You Obtain Fair Compensation

Contact my firm to start the process today. During our free, no-obligation claim assessment, I will take the time to discuss the circumstances of your case and identify your legal options. Email my office or call 570-980-1865 to learn more.