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Danville, PA Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Danville residents may choose to navigate their town with a bicycle. This can cut down costs of driving a vehicle and paying for a parking spot. While bicyclists may feel comfortable riding around Danville and know how they can stay safe, other drivers may not follow the rules of the road. When other parties aren’t paying attention, cyclists can be put in extremely dangerous situations. In some cases, a collision and serious injuries can occur. That’s where a Danville bicycle accident lawyer can help.

Were you injured in a collision when you were riding your bike? Stapp Law, LLC will fight for you to get the compensation can deserve. Our lawyers are experienced in standing up for those who were injured because of the negligence of others and seek justice on their behalf.

What Causes Bicycle Collisions?

When you’re filing a bicycle accident lawsuit, you need to know how the other party acted negligently. Our bicycle accident attorneys in Danville will find out what happened, and if there were multiple factors that led to your accident and injuries. A few common reasons bicycle collisions occur include:

  • Drivers Making Left-Hand Turns. When drivers are making a left-hand turn, they may check the road for other vehicles, but not notice a person riding their bike. The car could turn and the bicyclist may not have enough time to avoid the vehicle.
  • Inattentive Drivers. Drivers need to be aware of others around them. Bikes are street legal, so drivers need to know how to safely pass and give bicyclists space.
  • Drivers Won’t Share Road. Aggression behind the wheel can occur. Following a cyclist too closely or failing to yield right of way can result in collisions.
  • Dooring. If a car is parked and the occupant exits the vehicle but doesn’t check for oncoming traffic, they could cause a dooring accident, where they open the door and collide with a person riding their bicycle.

Many of the reasons that traffic accidents happen also apply to bicycle wrecks. A driver that’s distracted, drunk, or too tired to safely operate a motor vehicle could be why the collision occurred. Once our lawyers have the facts on what happened, we can look to how you were injured and how to fight for your recovery.

How Can a Bicycle Accident Lawyer Help You?

With an attorney from Stapp Law, LLC on your side, you’re going to have support throughout the whole legal process. We understand how upsetting it can be to relive the accident and go over what happened in detail, but all the information we have gives us a better chance of securing the compensation you deserve.

Our lawyers will analyze how you were affected. This includes the injuries you sustained, the costs of treating those injuries, and the care you’ll need in the future. Bicycle accidents can result in catastrophic injuries because the rider has little to no protection from the vehicle. You can trust your lawyer to find the full extent of your injuries and the costs.

If you had to miss work, then your attorney will also calculate the lost wages, as well as property damage to your bike.

The emotional damages like pain and suffering and mental anguish are another important aspect of your recovery. While an insurance company may try to minimize your damages to reduce the compensation you could recover, your attorney won’t let this happen. We understand the serious consequences of an accident include damages that aren’t in the form of a bill or financial loss. We’ll make sure your compensation reflects the economic and noneconomic damage you’ve suffered.

Punitive damages may apply to your case if gross negligence was apparent in your accident. It takes a skilled bicycle crash attorney to build a case that clearly shows the other driver was grossly negligent. These damages exist to punish the defendant and to add more incentive for them to never repeat their actions.

Having a Danville bicycle accident lawyer on your side from the beginning can give you a greater chance of success with your case. After the collision, don’t wait to contact a lawyer. We understand how difficult it can be to balance legal matters on top of recovering from injuries, but our lawyers can help you get back on track. We’ll take on the legal responsibilities and you can rest and heal.

Bicycle Laws in Danville

As a Danville resident, it’s important for both bicyclists and motorists to know the rules about riding a bike here. Those who are riding bicycles in the Borough of Danville in Montour County need to adhere to the following laws:

  • Follow Traffic Ordinances. Bicycle riders cannot violate any traffic ordinances that apply to motor vehicles.
  • Stay Off Sidewalk. If you’re riding a bike, you need to do so in the street. Riding on the sidewalk is prohibited.
  • Do Not Ride Side by Side. Two cyclists cannot ride side by side in the same lane, unless one rider is passing the other.
  • Yield Right-of-Way. When a bicyclist is entering the street, they need to yield right-of-way to pedestrians crossing or approaching motor vehicles.

While there are laws in place to protect bicyclists on the road, there were 822 bicycle collisions and 22 fatalities in Pennsylvania in 2020. Even when riders take safety precautions about what they wear, when they ride, and they make sure they’re always following the rules of the road, accidents can happen. Stapp Law, LLC has experienced lawyers who dedicate their best efforts to getting justice for those who were injured.

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One of the first steps to getting the help you need is to schedule a free consultation with a Danville bicycle accident lawyer. At Stapp Law, LLC, the first consultation is free of charge. We’ll discuss the legal process, what you can expect, and help you find the best way to move forward. Our compassionate lawyers are ready to protect your rights and fight for the recovery you deserve.   

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