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Here are a truck driver’s blind spots

Published on Mar 26, 2021 at 3:50 pm in truck accidents.

Every vehicle has its blind spots — the areas that block the driver’s vision no matter how much they crane their necks. Your rearview and side mirrors help you spot if there is another vehicle in one of your blind spots before you turn or change lanes.

It is the same thing with tractor-trailers. But just like everything else about semi trucks compared to passenger vehicles, their blind spots are bigger. That means if a truck driver does not take care when moving over, they are even more likely to cause a serious wreck. Here’s what you need to know about an 18-wheeler’s blind spots.

A truck’s blind spot locations

Because the cab is set so high above the road, a tractor-trailer’s front blind spot extends 20 feet. It also has a blind spot lasting 30 feet past the rear of the trailer. The driver’s side blind spot is about one lane wide. But on the right side, the driver’s blind spot extends across two lanes.

One of the safest things you can do when driving on the highway near a semi is to spend as little time in its blind spots as possible. If you can, speed up or slow down to keep away from its sides. Don’t follow too closely, and avoid passing the truck from the right side.

The consequences of a negligent truck driver

You can be cautious and alert driving around 18-wheelers and still get into an accident if the truck driver is not being safe. A careless lane change or inattentive drift into the next lane over can lead to disaster. If that has happened to you, you could be living with severe pain and disability. A personal injury attorney can help you seek rightful compensation from the driver and their employer.

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